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Lumberjack’s Cookbook – 6 ×10 min. Series on Bell Fibe TV. Watch the trailer here.

Living in Flow

Docu-series | 6 X 5 min

Inspired by living on Canada’s Eastern Coastline, Living in Flow is a docu-series focused on 6 diverse characters and their journeys to improve their mental well- being with the use of water as a tool to get there. For Vice Media with funding from Telus Fund and the Nova Scotia Government.

CBC Land and Sea

TV Half Hour

Maritime Wool

Why are Fibre Arts so popular now?

Farm Workers

How family farms are developing new ways to attract workers.

Nova Scotia Folk Art

A look at the Nova Scotia folk art scene.

Everyone’s Famous

Web Series and TV Hour

Season Two: Oh great, more stuff for the internet. Twelve episodes of people hoping for fame and fortune making videos.

Season One: A seven episode comedy web series about a guy who decides to make viral videos for a living. Funded by the Independent Production Fund, CBC, Nova Scotia Government and many sponsors.

Thanks to CBC, The Independent Production Fund, the Province of Nova Scotia and the sponsors.