In Development



Horror, Shark Movie

Kyla, a young environmentalist and surfer, tracks sharks with her boyfriend, Alix. An attempted rescue-gone-wrong leaves her in a hospital bed with bite marks on her body, and a camera and marriage proposal in her face. Kyla’s groggy “I do” goes viral, catching the eye of Love$Real, a top ZTube influencer, who travels to Nova Scotia to hook the couple into a deadly sunset cruise for cash. Kyla is forced to fight for her life against predators above and below the surface.


Horror Comedy

Bill’s Landscaping and Demon Exorcism Services—good service at a fair price.

Racing Hearts

Period Drama

A WWII veteran returns home to help the daughter of his fallen comrade chase her dreams of becoming a harness racer, but will the horrors of war win, place or show?


Arctic Passage

Dramatic Series | 6 X 52′

For hundreds of years, explorers died trying to find the mythical Northwest Passage. A fabled trade route to the east was once a dream, but as the ice melts, its opening is now a nightmare. Arctic Passage is a thought experiment that takes us into the future and gives us a first-hand look at the consequences of global warming. This series follows a research ship studying the effects of climate change on the Northwest Passage. Venturing amongst the melting icebergs, the scientists and crew get pulled into a world of corporate greed, geopolitical clashes, private security armies and decimated wilderness. In partnership with Hopscotch Films with development support from the Canadian Media Fund, Screen Scotland and the Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

A Lifetime in Photobooths

Documentary | 1 X 90′

Visual artist, performer, and photobooth expert, Meags Fitzgerald chronicled the photobooth’s fortuitous history, their impending death, and the zealous community working to preserve them in her award-winning graphic novel, Photobooth: A Biography. Join her as she creates her latest Drag King animation in the original ‘selfie’ machine while connecting with photobooth technicians, owners, collectors, artists and fanatics. In partnership with EyeSteel Films and development support from Telefilm Canada, SODEC and the Bell Fund.

Run For Your Life

Feature Documentary | 1 X 90′

Man stood up and began running 4.5 million years ago. Our ability to run long distances allowed us to hunt, survive and flourish. We became the most successful species on the planet, so successful that we no longer needed to run. So we stopped. We’ve become sedentary, obese, disconnected from nature and it’s killing us, literally.

Forty years ago in Munich, Frank Shorter won the Olympic Marathon, helping the world heal from the terrorist attack and ushering in a running boom that hasn’t stopped. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Today over 50,000 people complete the New York City Marathon. People are running again. It’s the cheapest, most available form of exercise on the planet. Walter Forsyth laces up a pair of sneakers to travel the globe exploring the reasons why people are running for their lives. Developed with the support of CBC and the Canadian Media Fund.

Walk Off The Earth: Ahead of the Creative Curve

Feature Documentary | 1 X 90′

WALK OFF THE EARTH is the mega-viral, platinum-selling indie pop/rock group who have sold out headlining concerts in more than 50 countries and racked up over a BILLION views on their YouTube channel alone. Their viral one-take video “5 People 1 Guitar!”, a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” has nearly 200 million views on that platform. Directed by Jeremy Workman (Lily Topples the World). Produced by Ross Venokur and Walter Forsyth.