Gorgeous Mistake Productions is a Nova Scotia based, boutique production company focusing on independent film and television projects for theatrical, broadcast and multi-platform release.


Walter Forsyth

Walter Forsyth produced the award winning dramatic feature, The Disappearedand digital series, Everyone’s Famous, both nominated for two CSA’s. He produced Ingrid and the Black Hole (2016 Cannes FF Not Short on Talent) and There’s a Flower in My Pedal (TIFF Honourable Mention) along with many documentaries.

He won TIFF’s 2011 Pitch This! and received a 2012 Sundance Doc Fund. Walter produced How to Be Alone, viewed eight million times on YouTube.

Britney Canzi

A past participant in WIFT-AT New Waves Programme (2018), Britney Canzi is an emerging Latinx producer and actor. In 2019 she produced/acted in the award-winning short film ‘Presents’ (Gold for best Comedy – Royal Wolf) and wrote and acted in the horror short ‘Nuisance’ (FIN).

The Luckiest Man in the W


  • Produced Season One and Two of the web series Everyone’s Famous with the CBC and IPF. A Canadian Comedy Award, Best Actor HollyWeb Fest and two Canadian Screen Award nominations. Visit the website and watch the series for free here.
  • Developed The Disappeared, the award winning, dramatic feature film written and directed by Shandi Mitchell. Go here.
  • Produced the music video Scott Pilgrim that became a graphic novel series and the Universal feature film Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. See the music video here. Random comment: “I think this is the happiest video on the internet.”
  • Winner of 2011 Toronto Int. Film Festivals (TIFF) Pitch This! Award and $10,000.
  • Recipient of a 2012 Sundance Documentary Fund of $15,000.
  • Raised over $20,000 on Kickstarter for a documentary, the first Canadian doc to do so.
  • Finalist in the TIFF Emerging Filmmakers Challenge with This Tear is a Word.
  • Produced How to Be Alone – over 8 million views on YouTube. See it here.

In Development:

Elizabeth Bishop and the Art of Losing

Coming Summer/Fall 2020

A feature documentary about the Pulitzer Prize winning poet. Directed by John Scott (Scouts are Cancelled).


After inventing a machine that connects his mind with violent patients to cure their illness, Dr. Alex Carter gets trapped in a mental Hellscape where the demons begin to ‘cross over’ into our physical world through him. Now only his twin sister, Lara, who shares his intellect and DNA can save him, but she has her own demons. Director: Gia Milani (All the Wrong Reasons TIFF Discovery Award).

Run For Your Life

Man stood up and began running 4.5 million years ago. Our ability to run long distances allowed us to hunt, survive and flourish. We became the most successful species on the planet, so successful that we no longer needed to run. So we stopped. We’ve become sedentary, obese, disconnected from nature and it’s killing us, literally.

Forty years ago in Munich, Frank Shorter won the Olympic Marathon, helping the world heal from the terrorist attack and ushering in a running boom that hasn’t stopped. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Today over 50,000 people complete the New York City Marathon. People are running again. It’s the cheapest, most available form of exercise on the planet. Walter Forsyth laces up a pair of sneakers to travel the globe exploring the reasons why people are running for their lives.