Welcome to Gorgeous Mistake Productions. We make media.

Our award winning web series, Everyone’s Famous will be back with Season Two and TWELVE NEW EPISODES premiering October 17, 2017. Check out Season One here. It won a Canadian Comedy Award, a HollyWeb Award and had two Canadian Screen Award nominations.

The Disappeared, the award winning feature film, starring Billy Campbell and Shawn Doyle, developed by Gorgeous Mistake Productions and produced by Walter Forsyth is now available online at iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, Hulu (in the US), TMN Encore and Amazon as well as DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon or write to us to buy it. See the trailer here. Buy or rent the film here.

Check out The Luckiest Most Unlucky Man in the World on youtube. Starring Glen Matthews (Corridor, Rollertown), co-written by John Davies (Hobo with a Shotgun, Treevenge), directed by Walter Forsyth and with music by John Mullane (In Flight Safety, Charlie Zone). Top 15 on BravoFACT’s youtube channel with over 50,000 views (along with How to Be Alone, another film we produced with over 7 million views).  See film here.